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Welcome to Astoria

More than just another Minecraft Survival server, Astoria is a fledgling community of gamers, creators, and internet dwellers from any origin.

While Astoria does have a heavy focus on our Minecraft Survival Server, with it's multitude of custom features and gameplay mechanics; there is an equal focus from the team on our Discord Community, with a goal of creating something not only special, but truly amazing, for all of our current and future community members.

Are you interested in a place you can call home?

Tired of searching for a safe haven amongst the terrors of the internet?

Welcome to Astoria.

Welcome Home.

Thinking of Donating?

The Astoria server, and community, relies upon donations to keep things running smoothly.
Any and all purhcases through this website are appreciated immensely, as they help us to continue running, improving, and expanding, the Astoria survival experience for our players and community members.